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For many sales and marketing challenges, no single vendor has all the answers. That's why we created the Hatss Partner Program: to enable businesses to get the Best-in-Class and leading edge solutions available from throughout the sales and marketing industry, delivered within a time-tested framework for success.

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The world's most powerful resource to reach the world easily.

One should remember that it costs much more to find a new customer than to keep one. One unhappy customer will tell around millions of people (Media). Our Mystery Shopper audits can prevent this happening.

The benefits of a Mystery Shopping program are numerous. A well-designed program can help train and motivate front line employees. It communicates effectively to employees what is most important when serving customers. It can be used along with other methods to measure customer satisfaction and to identify potential problems before they develop into major problems. It is also an important tool in monitoring pricing, promotions, and product quality.

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Technological Innovation

We make sure that your business plan will highlight the viability and attractiveness of your innovative ideas.


Creativity Designs

We apply an individual approach to each case. Each document is created from scratch and fully customized to suit your needs.


Customer Support

Assigned project teams have 15+ years’ industry-specific experience, working for world-renowned consulting companies.


Project Management

You will have access to an established network of consultants and other crucial contacts to GET YOUR RETURN ON ONVESTMENT (ROI)

Hospitality Solutions

Our core strength is the services we provide for the Hospitality Industry. HATS offers services for Hospitality solutions, technology, and training.

HATSS’s provides a business plan to run a successful hotel organization. The team at HATS has consultants who have expertise from leading hotels in the hotel industry in Saudi Arabia and internationally. We provide ideas and best practices from around the world, and we can apply world class technology with a local market scenario..



HATSS MEDIA SERVICES is a hotel consulting – event organizing solutions provider that offers a comprehensive range of on site/online organized events Services.Based in Hyderabad HATSS Services has an expertise in blending fresh and exciting vision, teamed with knowledge and long term experience in all facets of media & video production.Our network spans the entire subcontinent. We have in-depth knowledge of locations, studios and suppliers throughout the country, ensuring strong service network and production values with a high creative input.With HATSS MEDIA SERVICES, you wouldn’t have to say Why? When? Where? What? Which?


HATSS TEAM represent your brand with appealing visuals, including pictures, videos and event coverages.your brand needs to maintain its hygiene across all online platforms.


Need Your Venues to Be the Talk of the Town?
No matter what, venues of a hotel are always in demand and not getting enough footfall is a concern you must address to immediately. Especially with the wedding season approaching, it becomes even more important for your hotel to get direct leads.


HATSS is an executive overseas consulting and training company based in Hyderabad, India, that works on the Heart Based Hospitality Concept.


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Muhahammad Irfan Hussain Co-Founder & Managing Director of HATSS
Muhammad Ayaz Director – HATSS
Peter McAlpine Sr.Consultant Thailand & Co-Founder of HATSS
Madina Kader Sr.Consultant - MEA
Syed Mohsin Director Marketing - KSA
Umair Ahmed Cheif IT. Team
12 Countries
3000 Hotel Professionals Trained
3 Continents
20+ Partner Hotels Achieved

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We are HATSS Media and Marketing Team we provide services of digital content industry and management, we have 4 specialized sections, most notably digital marketing and management of social media platforms,Services provided by hatss Marketing to manage your accounts through various social networking sites:Manage accounts by following up and communicating with customers by responding to messages and comments. Create the right content for your followers to increase engagement.Create creative designs that fit the idea of content.Continuously adding logo in designs to build a distinctive brand.

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Our vision is for delivering and sharing knowledge to the students and the humanity with universal heart based hospitality concept thru education and tourism.


We aim to inspire, educate and enable the STUDENTS AND PROFESIONAL community to think more,perform better and lead a meaningful life and serve the company and the world at large in the right way.

1. Members in over 12 countries
2. Offices in the Thailand, KSA & India
3. Over 30,000 individuals trained
4. Global Regional Partners
5. Across the globe in three sub continents

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