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About Us 12+ Years of Excellence Hospitality Training... We started out with humble beginnings in 2010. Our dream was to set a new standard for HOSPITALITY training in the region. Until date we've helped over 29,000 employees / students in realising their dreams, won hospitality luxury hotel awards and we work with the most coveted brands in hospitality. The future looks bright - Instead of resting on our laurels, we challenge the status quo everyday. We're expanding internationally and we believe to be ahead of the challenges always.


By Choosing HATSS, you are making a difference by supporting the HATSS Professional community for the talents and deserving the best support in the hospitality Industry. What is in it for you? The foundation course is the gateway for students who have and interest in hospitality to venture in to a fulfilling career in hospitality field. Hospitality sector is a dynamic field where new concepts and practices proliferate regularly. This course will cover basic concepts of hotel operation and lay the foundation for hospitality as a profession. This qualification ideally suited for novices in the field of hospitality. Objectives: Provision of basic knowledge, skills required in hotel operation. Provision of orientation to Hospitality industry and induce them to proceed with higher studies in hospitality. Encourage and promote entrepreneurship in field of Hospitality sector in Saudi Arabia Creating persuasion among students to reach higher positions in Hospitality and Tourism sector. HOSTSS TEAM help students in his/her development. “Our Vision is to bring professionals under one platform and share knowledge globally and support the community (CSR) to grow together at all times. After completion of this course, the student is able to engaging in a specific task assigned at the hotel. Our executive and faculty please contact us: Sayed Fahad, Director Logicity Mr.Barkat Ullah Khan, Founder - Talent Empowerment Solutions, Irfan Hussain – Founder - Email ID : info@hatsglobal.com

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By Choosing HATSS, you are making a difference by supporting the HATSS Professional community for the talents and deserving the best support in the hospitality Industry. English Foundation Programme is the ideal way to strengthen your English language skills before • The programme can be taken prior to commencing any full time course. • Structured Writing and Grammar • Learning Strategies and Study Techniques • Vocabulary Development and Intermediate Reading • Reading and Text Analysis • Communication Skills • Critical Thinking and Analysis • General Catering Knowledge and Skills

Brand and Marketing Audits

Conducted full brand audit for one of the largest foodservice operators Developed comprehensive strategy related to the marketing function across different channels, from brand story, experience design, web and digital marketing, and loyalty and CRM systems to management by objectives, associate engagement and enculturation, and internal communication


Our careers advisor gives impartial and confidential advice and guidance. They will assist you with: • Choosing the right course for you • Planning your career journey and helping you to consider all opportunities available, including internships, employment or further study • Interview preparation • CV writing • Job applications • Information on gap year work and local employment vacancies Careers preparation is embedded in each of our courses and all students have the opportunity to access industry experience/ internship programmes. THE INTERNSHIP PROGRAMME The Internship gives you the opportunity to hone your skills over a six-months period before moving into employment or moving on to further study. The internship is mandatory for the programme in HATSS hospitality partners and this is an assessed part of the course. Students must successfully complete the internship to be able to progress with their studies or graduate with their full qualification.

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Hospitality Services (Food & Beverage) Course

Shape your career Gather all the ingredients you need to become a hospitality star and work anywhere in hospitality services. Develop your own catering business or use this hospitality food and beverage certificate to work across a broad range of businesses. Learn the ins and outs of hospitality services, from waiting tables to planning menus and managing a team. Understand best practices for hospitality food and beverage management, discover what it takes to properly run a bar and learn how to maximise output while maintaining hygiene and service standards. Enrol now and realise your potential.

Hospitality Business Pathway

Choose a hospitality business career path and watch your world open up. This hospitality business course includes a comprehensive look at starting a business, how to become a good boss, what’s involved with managing a hotel, and the different definitions used to describe travellers and tourists. Combining three certificates around tourism and hospitality and a course that leads you through the steps to start a business, this pathway guides you through writing up a business plan for hospitality industry businesses. Choose a hospitality/tourism career path – enjoy the journey and the destination.

Course in Hotel Operations onsite

A comprehensive hotel management onsite course is taught that encompasses crucial aspects of hospitality management, quality, sales, labour utilisation, materials, maintenance, and financial controls. Use your hospitality management education to explore different forms of in-house service and learn how to deal with customer complaints and staff grievances correctly. Our Certificate in Hotel Operations Management includes sections on fundamental principles of public speaking and communication over the phone and online. Enrol today in a hotel operations management course to join the exciting world of hotel

Learn practical Event Management

We know you are a pro when it comes to keeping those plates spinning; let’s make sure you have the paperwork to prove it. This course rewards your natural talent with practical experience that could open some exciting doors. Take our event management course HATSS onsite in our partner hotels and learn how to develop concepts that hit the mark, motivate staff to shine, keep your budget tidy, and understand your risk management obligations. Work across conferences, weddings, galas, and award ceremonies. Enrol in our event management course HATSS Team connects people with great experiences and create a career doing what you love.

Practical experience Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism

Comprised of three certificate courses, this Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism advanced hospitality course is a launchpad for a career in an exciting industry. Explore the option of working as a travel agent, bartender, or hotel manager or apply for many other great hospitality jobs. Study hospitality and tourism management and learn agency systems, how to approach travel insurance, and what destinations are considered tourist regions. Extend your learning across advanced tourism, personnel management, catering, and the fundamentals of wine appreciation. Enrol now and turn your love for people and travel into an advanced tourism career.


We at HATSS offer Job-specific platforms through our international hospitality partners for students to choose and develop their career. Along with certification, these programs generally focus on providing students with hands-on instruction and real time experience and leadership skills and business acumen competencies. Learning outcomes You will learn what others are doing and consider how you may adapt ideas for your institution and in terms of the student experience you are providing. You will be given time, tools and resource

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HATSS connects expert speakers who enable professionals and businesses and create potential opportunities in their domain. We had the honor to train the Swiss hospitality chain - Plan Hotel Group. They were awarded as the world best luxury resort award.


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Building the Foundations for A Class Hospitality Management Company. HATSS creates opportunity to learn from a Coach who will transform and innovate Proven techniques for each organization. We connect expert speakers who enable professionals and businesses and create potential opportunities in their domain. We work as an integral part of your organization, or as your TWI training solution provider. Choose the best module and assessment tools in one place, and enjoy a streamlined training initiative.

Happy Clients Custom software should include the ability to schedule tasks and set reminders. Be it for accounting, CRM or other business function, such time management features can greatly enhance productivity. We use the latest technical capabilities to achieve them in your business.

Projects Anyone with experience of off-the-shelf software will know that it is rarely, if ever, intuitive from the start. There is usually a steep learning curve, after which you become accustomed to the software. Send us your idea to start your story You will get technical solutions from a professional and experienced team.

Year of experience Well-designed custom software can offer greater levels of security than mainstream software. This can come in a number of ways, including access control and validation

Awards Whether the client is already running an existing off-the-shelf software or is migrating from other software, the new solution must account for migration of existing records.

Madina Keder

Event Consultant - MEA

Madina Keder opens the line of communication between clients, customers, and businesses to get projects done. With her experience in the Middle Eastern and African markets she is able to handle both public and private sectors. She has experience in project management, event and festivals, consultation, team building, professional development, strategic recruitment, and company collaborations. She has the honor for working the Jeddah Event this year.

HussainSayed Fahad Bukhary

Technology Consultant

Mindset – Sayed Fahad is zealous about uplifting the lives of fellow humans, communities and businesses, with an intense courage to take risks, lead and impact. His nature to disrupt the status quo and question the unknown, has made him renowned for his customized approaches, which are effective in dealing with the complex issues of individuals and enterprises. He fosters a culture of creativity and excellence in developing apps, websites, digital marketing, audio, and video production, while prioritising team development and client relationships. Sayed Fahad Safshikan is the founder of an innovative IT company Logicity.

Irfan Hussain

Managing Director - Founder HATSS

There are 2 key factors in our belief that the next level of hospitality is beyond service and standards. Firstly, the well-travelled have experienced the best of everything already, and are seeking new experience. HATSS is founded to provide one stop hospitality solutions.

Peter McAlpine - UK

Founder Renaissance Consulting Ltd.

Peter McAlpine specializes in creating an energetically strong guest experience, which he calls Heart-Based Hospitality, and in upgrading hotels from the pervasive level of SOP- Customer Satisfaction. The guest experience has a very warm energy and feeling, and is strong in loving kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care. It reflects the true spirit of hospitality, which has been replaced generally nowadays by a focus on mechanical standards. HATSS - HBH CONCEPT work can be seen on www.heartbasedhospitality.com

Syed Hussain

Co-Founder HATSS

A seasoned HR consultant with more than 3 decades of hospitality experience currently engages with development of hotel groups, executive search and a successful e-mentor. Has worked in the capacity of a HR Director with more than 5 international hotel chains and is also the Founder of Syed's Academy.

Muhammad Ayaz

Director HATSS

Ayaz vision inspired the HATSS team to lay the foundation of this company and the intention to serve the hospitality and technology industry in the MEA has driven the team to make it happen. He has a strong and professional finance and taxation consultancy experience under his belt. His friendly and dedicated approach has made HATSS clients satisfied and retain confidence always.

Umair Ahmad

Software Developer

A dynamic gentleman with ten years of corporate sector experience in developing software and websites and has ability to handle clients professionally and blessed with bilingual skills requires for the MEA region.

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