Training & Education

Strategy for Hotels

For many hospitality and educational institutional challenges, no single company has all the solutions. Hatss Solutions assist our clients through our professional partners to provide them with Best-in-Class and leading edge solutions for a minimum budget within a time-tested framework.

Promotion & Development

Human Capital Development

We care about Your education, each professional learns differently : We believe in the power of learning design and the learning activities provided by HATSS'partners. Focused, hard work is the real key to success. Keep your eyes on the goal, and keep taking the next step towards achieving it.

Global Consulting Solutions

International Exposure

HATSS Solutions is a training and event management solution provider that offers a comprehensive range of platforms teamed up with professionals and technology experts who deliver high creative input.

Hospitality & Technology Systems Solutions

HATSS a One-Stop Shop for hoteliers.

HATSS is the realization of our long-sought dream to be among the few unique companies in the hospitality industry. Because we strive to serve our valued clients with dedication, determination and passion for excellence in what we do, we are witnessing the realization of our dream. Our experts have Collaborated with training company in Madinah, KSA to assist all clients in training and technology solutions successfully. We can also promote your brand with (HATSS) platform so that you can acquire global exposure. Creativity, uniqueness and technology charaterise every time launch a brand or carry out a project. Every event is organised under the leadership of Somnath and Madinah with the goal of making it awesome, and it is distinguished by the concept of care in Heart-Based Hospitality.

Interested in launching your event with HATSS? If so, HATSS is your perfect partner.

Placements - Local & Overseas

We make sure that your employees are admitted in the best hotel schools; and assist recruiters to get the best trained employees recmommended by our placement partners.


Creativity Designs

We apply an individual approach to each case. Each design is created from scratch and fully customized to suit your needs. Research shows that creative thinking involves making new connections between different regions of the brain. This is accomplished by cultivating divergent thinking skills and by deliberately exposing oneself to new experiences and to learning.


HATSS Support

Assigned project teams have 75+ years of industry-specific experience and of working for world-renowned consulting companies. We can help you clarify the issue (or opportunity), identify performance gaps, and assist you in designing the perfect solution. Most importantly, we will ensure that your organisation’s thinking, behaviors, technical and human systems are aligned in the project to support your desired strategic and operational direction.


HATSS Event Management

You will have access to host your conference / event and provide the services of our key note speakers so that you will be able to reap the maximum potential from the event; promote your property; showcase your products; and maximise the return on investment (ROI).

Hospitality Solutions

Our core strength is the services we provide for the Hospitality Industry. HATS offers services for Hospitality solutions, technology, and training.

HATSS’s provides a business plan to run a successful hotel organization. The team at HATS has consultants who have expertise from leading hotels in the hotel industry in Saudi Arabia and internationally. We provide ideas and best practices from around the world, and we can apply world class technology with a local market scenario..



HATSS team has experience in hotel pre opening and leadership and hoteliers training and events. We have helped hotels to achieve world best luxury hotels awards. which support the hospitality industry for making more revenue and getting their team the best training and technology solutions through HATSS experts. Our current portfolio speaks about us hospitality business information you need.


HATSS team with collaborated with HOTEL SCHOOLS to represent your HOTEL and meet your over seas placement task.


Annual Events
No matter what your concern, you must address the root cause immediately. HATSS hotel ANNUAL staff recognition EVENTS provide each hotel a chance to showcase their team performance and celebrations to achieve global recogniton.


HATSS is an executive education consulting and training company based in Hyderabad, India, that works to help students study in India and work in Middle East.

HATSS TEAM: The Future of the Guest Experience.

Service Excellence And Millenials: How To Train For The New Affluent Traveler.
The Next “Big Thing” is Not Where Everyone is Looking for It.
When the hotel industry discovers what mankind has known for thousands of years that the human body has an energy field, hoteliers will have discovered the means to making the greatest transformation in the hospitality guest experience since the hotel industry began.
What is the next Big Thing? It is using energy to create the
guest experience – thought energy and heart field energy. …
Somnath Chakraborty V.P.Hotel Schools in India
Muhammad Ayaz Director – HATSS
Peter McAlpine Sr.Consultant Renaissance Consulting & Co-Founder of HATSS
Madina Kader Sr.Consultant - MEA
Mohsin Mushtaq Marketing - KSA
Umair Ahmed Cheif IT. Solutions
12 Countries
3000 Hotel Professionals Trained
3 Continents
20+ Partner Hotels Achieved

HATSS Technology Solutions
Have less budget - Just try us.

The HATSS professional and technical team provide technology services and solutions. We could hotel / company accounts by leading and branding your product on your behalf. We can produce creative designs that fit the heart of the content in order to build a distinctive brand for you.

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HAPPY CUSTOMERS - Our Unique Heart Based Hospitality Concept.

We're small, but impressive.
Experience the PASSION of HATTS.

To assist each student and human being in the early age and infuse the spirit to serve the humanity and leave a legacy behind them.


We aim to inspire, educate and enable the students and educational faculty to think more, perform better and lead a meaningful life and serve the community with emotion and passion.
Create a truly emotional connection and to make their hospitality touch the heart and emotional connection because convenience, speed, and comfort are the principal domains of technology.

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